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The Lithuanian people are joining a support mission aimed at supporting fighters in Ukraine

„Russia is continuing its aggression against Ukraine. Over 13,000 people were killed or crippled in the meantime. Russia de facto implements the annexation of Donetsk and Luhansk areas by issuing passports of the Russian Federation to Ukrainian citizens. Russia unlawfully interferes with Ukraine’s domestic affairs, grossly violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. If we do not help and support Ukraine today tomorrow it will be us that will need help emphasizes „Vanagas Road. Mission Ukraine 2019 ”in the invitation to support the mission.

Lithuania supports Ukraine

At the state level Lithuania supports the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Officially Russian Federation is condemned for military aggression against Ukraine and violation of the norms of international law.

„Historically, when Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine fought shoulder to shoulder we were irresistible. Today Ukraine is left alone to fight against our old enemy. We have to help it in every way, to support as we can. The goal of our mission is to do it, ”says lawyer and mission participant Robert Juodka.

The attack on A. Ramanauskas Vanagas in Russian media (and not only) continues

“Vanagas Road” is  a civil initiative launched in 2017 aimed at educating, promoting and sustaining public patriotism, awareness and community. Hikes, discussions and honorary actions are organized. Despite many universally acknowledged merits Ramanauskas-Vanagas continues to be slandered and attacked by Russian official representatives and the Kremlin media.

Following the opening of the monument to Ramanauskas-Vanagas in May in the US this attack was even more exacerbated. Attacking Lithuanian partisans and falsifying historical facts remains one of the more pronounced narratives of the information war. The same is true for the Ukrainian guerrilla movement and its leaders.

„I am going to Ukraine to deliver support for the Ukrainians. This is important when it comes to aggression against Ukraine. We know the history of our parents, grandparents, partisans and how important support is in the fight. Drones, optics and other support there can save a lot of lifes”, said Rokas Volungevičius the organizer of the mission.

Support of the people of Lithuania to Ukraine is important

The participants of the mission in Ukraine are planning to meet with the official representatives of the Ukrainian government expressing ordinary people and not just the institutional support of Lithuania. They bring the equipment to Ukrainian soldiers on the front donated by the people of Lithuania and record the general atmosphere by talking to passengers traveling by train from Kiev to Mariupol as well as the life near the front.

“The situation in Ukraine requires our attention. Blue and Yellow has been running since 2014 and we have something to do ‘up to the ceiling’. Really happy that other initiatives want to help. There in Ukraine there are things to do for everyone ranging from the military or the children, ”says John Ohman, head of the Blue and Yellow organization.

„Vanagas Road Support Mission Ukraine 2019“ is an independent and completely voluntary. Project group departs on 30 May and returns on June 4th. The participants of the mission are Rokas Volungevičius, Robert Juodka, Aurimas Navys, Alkas Paltarokas.

“Vanagas Road may become an inspiration for those who today risk their lives for their and our freedom. All forms of support are important as it was for our partisans when simple public support was vital for fighting for freedom during the Soviet occupation, ”  the mission organizers say.

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